There are four different ways you can become an Ugly Runner:



Join the Sunday Remote Runners

  • Follow us on instagram

  • Set yourself a distance from 2k with no upper limit

  • Set out on Sunday morning 

  • Tag #UglyRunnersClub in your sweaty selfies

  • Option to join us at 11am (UK Time) for a coffee and chat via Zoom

  • Open to anyone, anywhere in the world

  • No cost - Ugly Runners is a voluntary organisation


Join the Local Runners

  • Meet up on Thursdays at 6:45pm

  • East London Location

  • Run together for 4K

  • Optional social after

  • No cost - Ugly Runners is a voluntary organisation




We welcome as much or as little involvement and recognise that life/weeks/days can vary for the individual.


Ugly Runners is a pressure-free environment. 

If you are local, visiting or fancy joining us, you are welcome to join in the remote AND/OR the local runs. You are never limited to just one or the other option - we are one community.  


Follow us on Instagram

Follow us on instagram and lets be social media buddies

Ugly Runners shares challenges, classes, tips and more on the instagram account so feel free to take part or follow along and to keep up to date with all Ugly Runners news.

Ugly Runners is a non-profit voluntary organisation. Any donations or support are most welcome. Just follow the donation link at the bottom of the webpage.